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Cholesterol is a natural product which is always present in the body; there are two different kinds of cholesterol, and you should know where your levels of both of them stand. If you’ve been told you have too much LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol that can lead to plaque in the arteries), change your eating habits and level of physical activity.

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Sometimes, life can be stressful. The demands of family, work, and the always-ringing phone can take their toll on your physical well-being. If you’re having trouble sleeping or suffering from aching muscles due to stress, there are some simple ways you can take action right now to help relieve the problem. You may not be able to eliminate stress from your life entirely, but you can choose to protect yourself with natural, healthy habits.

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Guest Blogger Charlene Ragsdale, Sponsored Athlete and a member of the USATF All-American Team resides in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, two teenage boys, 2 dogs & 2 hamsters. Charlene is also a professional blogger at 5 years ago I was introduced to the importance of Glutathione.  More importantly, I was introduced to Dr. Keller’s formulas.  5 years later, myself and my family (including my dogs!) are faithful users of the OGF. Today, I would like to share with you about the benefits of walking.   Some may think I would write a blog about running, but I believe that walking is the gateway to health.  Many Americans find it hard to walk to the mailbox!  Here are some benefits. Continue reading “Steps to Better Health: Why Walking Works Well Too” »

Stretch Exercise Rob KellerCreating a disciplined routine for exercise is hard; dealing with muscle soreness that comes after exercise is harder. A sore body after a strenuous workout can be a major obstacle to having a regular fitness regime. Muscle soreness is unavoidable after a strenuous workout especially for people who are not physically fit. Muscles go through physical stress when we exercise. Small, microscopic tears that occur in the muscles in the beginning stages of an exercise program are responsible for the pain and soreness.  However, there are several techniques to help you get back on your feet and not struggle with an aching body. Continue reading “Ease your Sore Muscles Post-Workout” »

Young woman with measure tapeWith so much advice about weight loss floating around on the internet, most of us end up being confused about what is right and what is not. We end up doing things we think are helping us shed pounds but are in fact hurting our bodies and sabotaging our health.  Abandoning these bad eating habits will not only help us lose weight but also get healthier and stronger.

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