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After a good workout, you’re not only sweaty and exhilarated but, more often than not, you’re absolutely starving. Although the temptation to reach for a greasy burger or a salty bag of chips may be great, that’s not really what you need. In order to keep your body looking and feeling its best, you should refuel yourself and replace the electrolytes and liquid you’ve lost while sweating up a storm. In addition, you’ll need to provide your body with protein to help you build muscle tissue. One of the easiest ways to replenish yourself after a hearty workout is with a cool, nutritious smoothie–especially when they taste sweet and rich. Try one of these deliciously decadent smoothie recipes for a tasty post-workout treat that won’t leave you feeling hungry for fat filled or sugar drenched snacks.

Coconut water (not to be confused with coconut milk or coconut cream) is a delicious all natural beverage that comes from young coconuts. It’s often referred to as Nature’s own sports drink because it contains fewer calories, more potassium, and less sodium than many popular sports drinks. The addition of yogurt makes this smoothie just as satisfying as the cream filled orange popsicles of your childhood–but without the empty calories. Feel free to substitute a non-dairy yogurt if desired, but stick with the vanilla flavoring or you won’t get that cream popsicle taste.

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Recipes and Nutrition

Are you a breakfast skipper? A 2011 study by the NPD Group (a market research company) showed that about 18% of men and 13% of women don’t eat breakfast. You’ve probably heard more than once that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and studies increasingly suggest that this is true: skipping breakfast has been linked to a larger risk of diabetes in women and heart disease in men. Other studies presented in medical journals show that those who eat breakfast regularly test better on memory exercises and may have an easier time losing weight.

With all that in mind, it’s a good idea to make breakfast a regular part of your daily routine. You may not have time to make egg white omelets or whole-grain pancakes every day, but a healthy breakfast is as close as your blender. In minutes, you can blend up a fresh, nutritious smoothie that you can even put in a travel mug and take in the car with you.

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