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Health, Life Balance

Sometimes, life can be stressful. The demands of family, work, and the always-ringing phone can take their toll on your physical well-being. If you’re having trouble sleeping or suffering from aching muscles due to stress, there are some simple ways you can take action right now to help relieve the problem. You may not be able to eliminate stress from your life entirely, but you can choose to protect yourself with natural, healthy habits.

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ObesityThere are so many emotional factors to weight gain that impede our ability to address it as a health issue.  Obesity feels personal because of the societal pressures to be fit, and thin and attractive.  The incorrect assumption for anyone to make about an issue with weight management is that it is a choice.  No one really prefers to feel tired, or dissatisfied with their appearance.  There are a number of health and emotional triggers which cause it, and it is a health issue.

The importance of addressing the societal norms about obesity is important, because it has become a crises and epidemic in many countries around the world.  Whether due to affluence and the prevalence of unhealthy fast food, a more hectic lifestyle (sleeping less) and even stress, the concern far surpasses any aesthetic.  Obesity is linked to significant physical impairments, chronic health risks and even emotional symptoms of depression.

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